I had a meeting with Dr. Carpuat today where we went over the ablation experiments and discussed what could have impacted some of the results. By the end of the meeting, the objectives for my summer internship became more clear.

Rather than building a regression model myself, I would just use the weka baseline model to test my neural network model against. Dr. Carpuat referred my to PyTorch, a library in python for neural network development, which I will be using in my project.

My objectives are as follows:

  • Work with the lexicons used in the baseline model to see how they are implemented
    • How do they create the x vector (is it just 0’s and 1’s)
  • Work with PyTorch to understand neural networks
  • Create a neural network model (not too complex, 1 hidden layer, etc.) and see how it compares to the baseline model
  • Continue building upon the model to see how well it can compete with the baseline model
    • Adding features, layers, etc.