Thanks for coming here to read about my project!

I am a rising senior at Poolesville High School and this summer, I will be interning at the University of Maryland, College Park, under the guidance of Dr. Marine Carpuat. She works with Natural Language Processing (NLP), which is what I get to do over the summer.

My task is to analyze sentiment in Twitter data, or tweets, by building a system that can do so using NLP. Additionally, once this is finished, I will create another system using Neural Networks and Deep Learning, and test to see which system is more accurate, and how much more accurate that system is.

Along with this project, I will be taking a couple of online Machine Learning courses from universities over America, trying to finish my target list of books, and get a head start on college applications.

From me to you, have a great summer 2017!

Peace Out,

Aman Jaiman